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The ruins of Hampi: Things to Do & See

Heads up: Lots of pictures!

In my previous post, I spoke about getting to Hampi, stay options & why you HAVE to go visit the place. I spent about 4 days doing some amazing things here – check out my top recommendations covering everything touristy as well as not so much!


Chill by the lake:


The place is too chill.

Sanapur Lake, as this place is known, is quite famous for “cliff jumping” – jumping off boulders into a reservoir. Its too much fun! There is also a small area there ( as you see in the picture) where you can relax, go for a swim, have a beer and eat some food. The scene is very relaxed, I spent a couple of afternoons here. Must visit!

Check out a video of me livin’ it up and shiz by clicking here. Also, another one in slo-mo, by clicking here!




And the sunset of course 🙂


Explore the insane stretches of rice paddy fields:

When you’re here, I strongly suggest you get yourself a moped or a scooty to explore these. There are lots of spots where you can stop, sit, appreciate and do your thing.


Rented a moped for 200 bucks/day


The greens and the blues


Just for fun 🙂


Get mesmerised by the Matanga Hill Sunrise

Very famous and talked about – central location, mad views of the entire city. Must go to check out the entire city, if you can get there for sunrise/sunset, nothing like it.


Here comes the sun


I cant even

Tourist the amazing structures (Temples, Ruins of palaces, etc)

You can get to see a bunch (Say about 20 odd) places if you rent a rickshaw for the entire day for about 500 rupees. They will quote you about anywhere between 800-1000, but you can/should bargain. I chose not to do this, for I preferred walking around the place. Suit yourself!


The uber famous Virupaksha temple


Vijaya Vittala Temple (Also called, Stone car temple)


The Royal Enclosure

Wander & jump around aimlessly

IF you have an appetite for walking (I do) you can explore SO MUCH of this city. I managed to find some insane spots, most where I didn’t even remove my camera! These are just a few places where I did.


Is that even real?


Stop in the middle of the road


Find your spots


Eat some great food


Crispy Potatoes, Lasagnes, Cheesy Spaghetti amongst other things

FotorCreated 1

Local egg curries, dosas, idlis, fried idlis, roadside idlis!


…And Make some friends


“Can I get a pencil? Oh you don’t have? How about Rs. 10?” *smirk*


Yeah, we’ll pose for you



Hampi is going to be an awesome place for you to visit, leave alone the fact that it’ll give you some amazing memories for life!

What are you waiting for?

To see more pictures from my trip (and follow me on my next trip in India) check out my instagram : sharma.ji (While you’re at it, check out Tripoto and follow me there too: Siddharth Sharma)

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