Who am I?



I am Siddharth Sharma. A 20 something guy working his way to making it big in this weird-wide world. I like to (over)think and spend a bunch of my time analysing things – And well (story)telling people about it.

I am a wannabe traveller and after spending a few weeks travelling in Australia and India – I think this quote is the most apt:

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

I like social media and am fairly active on Twitter, Instagram, Zomato, LinkedIn etc. (Clearly, look at those hyperlinks). Very passionate about Long Distance running & fitness but equally passionate about food, maybe more. Still trying to figure that.

In my free time I try to think of new ways to learn things – including penning (read: typing) my thoughts and ideas.

I also click pictures once in a while 😉


Somewhere in Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.

Oh, and I love ice-cream!

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